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Weather Policy

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Weather Policy


Because the weather can be unpredictable at times, if there is severe weather such as, strong winds, lightning, heavy rain, we are unable to rent inflatables out.
During periods of severe weather condition(s), arising out of but not limited to rain, hale, lightning, high winds (over fifteen miles per hour), the Unit(s) must be evacuated immediately and electricity must be turned off. Air Fun reserves the right to cancel the reservation during severe weather condition(s).
Renter will be given the option to cancel reservation to delivery/setup on days where severe weather is forecasted at delivery location. Renter can receive full deposit back or deposit can be used as a rain check for up to one year. If renter chooses to continue the rental with the chance of severe weather forecasted and weather condition(s) arise after delivery/setup, no refund will be given.

In instances where severe weather condition(s) arise unexpectedly after delivery/setup, Air Fun Party Rentals will extend the Rental by one day.

Renter agrees to release, forever discharge and hold harmless Air Fun Party Rentals, its officers, employees and/or agents from any injury, damages or claims resulting out of or in connection to severe weather conditions and/or Renters negligence to follow rules regarding weather policy.

What if I have to cancel for weather?

Not a problem. Just give us a call no later than the day before your rental is scheduled to be delivered. You can choose to have your deposit refunded or the deposit can be transferable to any new date within a 12 month period. The transferred deposit can be used towards any of our rental equipment.

What if I need to Cancel my order?

You may cancel your order any time up until 72 hours prior to delivery and no cancellation fee will be charged. Any cancellation within 48 hours before your scheduled delivery will result in the loss of your deposit. Cancelling your order on the day of delivery will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

What about my deposit?

All deposits expire and are no longer usable after 12 months from the date of your cancelled party. In order to transfer the deposit, we must have notification of your cancellation 72 hours prior to the delivery date, except in the event of inclement weather.(24 hours) In the event of cancellation upon delivery, your deposit will be used to cover the cost of delivery/labor and will no longer be transferable. 

Any items not used during your rental  period will not be refunded.